About Maryam

Contact: [at] gmail (dot) com

Hi, I’m Maryam Bafandkar. I am a second-year graduate student in the Applied Computer Science program at the University of Winnipeg. Hopefully, I will graduate before 2021. I like my student life, though. Full-time learning and researching and working with well-educated professors and researchers.

Currently, I am doing my research in an amazing and big Machine Learning project with the University of Winnipeg, University of Saskatoon and other two big companies. If you are interested to know more about the project I am working on, you can read this page.

Since I am learning new things and finding some new experience in Machine Learning areas, I decided to create my personal website where I can share some important and practical things, I know about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Since my research area is related to plant classification using machine learning algorithms, I invented a new CNN architecture that is specifically used for plants dataset, called “Generalist and Specialist Algorithm”, I’ll write a post to explain it in detail.

I also like to make open-source projects, all of which can be found on GitHub. A few I'm proud of are:

Here are a few random things I like:

  • 📚 Books: follow your heart, A Song of Ice and Fire, Demon-Haunted World
  • 🎵 Songs: Way too many to even get close to the listing, but here are a random three: La Noyee (Yann Tiersen), Bemyself (Parcels), I Promised Myself (Nick Kamen)
  • 🎮 Sport: Climbing the mountain, Swimming

I also like hiking and biking, I've done a lot of solo travel (around Asia and America) and I can speak Persian. My favourite instrument is the guitar.